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The use of top-quality extra-thick steel, with the attention to every detail throughout the production process is just some of the features that make Dana Kitchens so unique.


The choice of materials and the quality of construction give Dana Kitchens their extreme reliability and durability, making them the perfect partner for every professional chef.


The wide range of models means you can choose the solution for your own personal needs: From classic gas and electric Ranges to computerized Fryers and Bratt Pans, through to products for special purposes.

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Kitchen Equipment Which Target All Middle East Area.

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  • Dana Kitchen Manufacturing LLC is the premier manufacturer and retailer of stainless steel kitchen equipment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a range of over a thousand different high quality products that include products that are manufactured at Dana Kitchen factory. Dana Kitchen offer practically everything that you will need and you can depend for VALUE: its experience in designing, quality assurance, meeting project deadlines, nationwide availability, best price guarantee and customer satisfaction!

  • Dana Kitchen was established in Al Qusais Industrial 3 in 2011 to assist and cater the needs of our customer, from independent operators to a multi-national enterprises.

  • Dana Kitchen continued to evolve, building on a retailing mission of providing a one-stop-shop establishment for its customers. From our experience, we saw the unnecessary dilemmas customers faced when dealing with too many different entities for every product and delays caused by long lead times. Thus, we partnered with several international companies to provide a wide array of products and an extensive inventory to give our customers the convenience of purchasing under one roof.

  • “Dana Kitchen ensure to understand and fulfill our client’s requirements in terms of Quality, Price and Services. To provide an exceptional quality standard with timely completion at a competitive cost.”

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